Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Must. Make it. Through. The Day.

No gym Monday. But we did go on yesterday. I ran on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then did my arm and leg machines. Today is tag football. I want to be excited but I am so tired. Speaking of which.... I am off to get coffee now....

Hopefully I will drink more water today!

Today at least I don't have to worry about cooking after tag football. On our meal plan, I assigned today as an eating out day because I knew we would be playing football pretty late (until it gets dark at least). So it probably won't be very healthy. Probably Penn Station or Wild Mike's (oooh, it's wing night!) or Five Guys or something greasy and fatty. Oh well. It's gonna happen sometimes. At least I am being more active than before when I would eat these fatty foods. Progression is what I'm talking about here, people! Not striving for perfection, just to improve and be a better me. And the meals I have been making at home haven't been the healthiest either... Now that I've got the meal plan going, maybe I can try to focus on finding healthy meals.

baby steps....

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