Monday, October 25, 2010


I fell off the wagon already :(  I was sick part of this weekend and therefore didn't work out nor pay attention to my calorie intake. Friday I didn't eat much at all because I was too busy throwing up and then sleeping most of the day away.

Saturday I still didn't feel too well early in the day, but pulled myself together to go to a nice 90th birthday party so I didn't really pay attention to my calories there, though I didn't eat too much. That night we had friends over for the UFC fight (Brock got beat, ha!) and I drank a couple of beers. 2 Bud Lite Limes, maybe 3? I obviously am going to drink. Realistically, I am not giving that up completely. But I just need to learn to do it less. I'm sure drinking liquor would be less caloric than beer, but I try not to drink liquor too often. Only on special occasions and I usually hate myself the next day for doing it. So yeah, I had some beers Saturday night.

And then Sunday... well that was just bad. I went to a bridal expo with my girl and munched on two bite-sized pieces of delicious cake (hey, I was taste-testing, for a purpose!)... then we went to Long Horn Steakhouse and I knew I shouldn't order that Shrimp & Lobster dip but I did anyway. I was actually going to get more food, maybe a caesar salad along with the dip, or some of their new white cheddar stuffed mushrooms. But I held myself back to just the dip and thought it would be fine. I can't deprive myself of what I want. This is going to be a lifelong process and I can't realistically just eat healthy yucky food for the rest of my life. I love food. I am going to eat 'good tasting-but bad for me' food sometimes. I just have to learn to moderate it, do it less often, eat smaller portions, etc. I felt bad after I ordered it. I knew it couldn't be healthy at all, and that was confirmed when they delivered a greasy cheese bowl with bits of lobster and shrimp. It didn't taste all that great, and I knew how bad it was for me. I had some guilt. I kind of wished I hadn't ordered it after all.

Then I went home and watched the Bengals game that we had DVR-ed. They make me so mad, I feel like I have to drink while watching them! Just kidding, just kidding. But I do like to have some beers while watching some football (they go well together!). So I did have a few more beers on Sunday, and then a turkey sub from Jimmy John's. Then later that night I wanted a snack and gave in to my temptations and ate a bag of cheesy bugles. I believe there are like 320 calories in one 99cent bag. Ugh. I disgust myself sometimes. Those beers, plus that dip, plus bugles. Not exactly on my road to skinny.

So I already feel like I've fallen off of the healthy wagon. Two days of eating well and working out, followed by illness and the weekend, and I'm already back to my old ways. We are definitely going to the gym today after work. We both felt bad about not working out this weekend at all. Ok, so two good days... followed by three bad days... hopefully going to be followed by a lifetime of healthy happy days.....

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