Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First day of a new me

I'm hungry. I want my pop and caffeine. I want a fat cheeseburger with greasy fries. I want to skip my planned work-out session this evening and just lounge on the couch and fill up on reality tv. I don't want water. I don't want Subway's boring excuses for food.

These are all of my thoughts today.

And it's only the first day.

I can imagine it only gets harder. Or maybe it gets easier? In my past experiences, I just get more tired from working out. I stay hungry from trying to eat right. I don't feel full from water and salads. And usually I don't see results quick enough for my likings. So I give up, thinking This isn't working anyways.

Maybe this time will be different? Maybe? Pretty please?

But for now, it is a struggle. Oh well, at least I am doing it so far. Only one day, but that's what it takes. One day at a time....

Breakfast = about 80 calories

  • Coffee = about 5 calories
  • Cream = 52 calories/tbsp ( I use alot of cream!)
  • Sugar = about 20 calories for about 2 tsp

Lunch = about 185 calories
  • 1/2 of a 6" turkey sub on wheat bread w/ onions, tomatoes, lettuce, banana peppers, and mustard (No mayo or cheese... go me!) = about 150 calories (whole 6" = 280 calories)
  • 1 package of apple slices = 35 calories

So far today I have had about 265 calories just from "breakfast" and lunch. They say you should eat 5 or 6 small meals a day. I've learned that I definitely need to eat breakfast, and more at lunch, because I am starving and it's 4:30 PM! I've had no pop so far, only 1 cup of coffee, and 2 glasses of water so far. I would say I have drank about 32 oz. of water today. I know my body needs a lot more! I don't like this feeling of having to go to the bathroom all the time, though.

We plan to go to Kroger tonight and pick up some healthy lunch items. I can't do Subway every day forever! For dinner, we plan on having Rosemary Chicken & Barbequed Potato Wedges. I hope to get this calorie-counting thing down soon. Hopefully our caloric intake at dinner isn't too high, but I will keep you posted. I am only allowing myself to drink one glass of pop a day with dinner. I can't just give it up cold turkey! I need something other than water!

And we are hittin up the gym after work too! It's both of our first days back into the gym in months! When I say "we" I mean my fiancee and I. I am glad that I have a workout buddy. It can be a motivator, but at the same time we both can feel lazy and bring each other down (like we did last night). But it does make working out a little better when I have my sweetie next to me. I have been having problems with my ankle that has been sprained numerous times. Usually after running only a little bit on the treadmill I start to feel the pain and irritation. So I'm starting back out on the elliptical. That should be better on my ankles. Maybe I will go back to the treadmill, but thinking about running on it just makes me cringe! I hate the treadmill for some reason. The elliptical is more of my kind of thing. I sweat less, sure, but I can make it a good workout if I try.

So today has been hard. But I can only imagine that it will get harder. I just gotta keep remembering how I don't want to look or feel anymore. I can do it. We can do it together. And we WILL.

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  1. The first few days are hard but you can do it. Good luck!